Custom Permaculture Designs

We assist people who want ecological designs, who want to conserve water and have a green landscape, people who care about their local ecology, people who like birds, butterflies, and insects on their land.

Our Permaculture Design Goals

Water Conservation

Water collection via rooftop, digging swales with your land contours will recharge your aquifer. Drip line designs save water and sink deeper.

Fire Prevention

Fuel load reduction, getting rid of debris, using fire breaks are all methods that can make a major difference during fire season.

Erosion Control

Dirt slide prevention using retension walls and plants is crucial when you have erosion from rain or wind. Conserve your own soil and protect your property from unneccessary damage.

Food Security Systems

Why not have your own food forest? Perennial food systems and herbal medicine gardens are a great way to be self-sufficient.

Holistic Land Management

Repair degrading landscapes by increasing soil fertility using methods such as hugelkulture and planting native plants. Infusing microorganisms in the soil also increases your soil productivity.

Renewable Energy

Get the most from your space by harmonizing with nature. We will inspect your property and see the best way to harmonize with the natural resources and elements such as solar and wind power.

Designing your dream property has never been so fun.

What We Do.

We help design sustainable human settlements with regenerative, drought-tolerant and resilient landscapes, and create food security systems

Grow Your Own Food

Imagine being able to avoid the supermarket, and shop instead in your backyard. Our experience with gardens can help your garden flourish, with our expertise in soil, water systems, and compost methods.

Rebuilding After Fire Damage

We offer design services for those that have been affected by fire, losing their homes and dealing with a damaged landscape. We utilize this unfortunate situation by transforing the landscape to something even better than before.

Drought-Tolerant Landscapes

Through selective planting and native plant use, we make it easy for your garden and property plantlife to grow. Water Collection and Gray Water systems assist this process by harvesting water and recycling the water that you use in your home.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Protect your land and home from soil erosion using the following techniques…


Retension Walls

Retension walls work and look great.


Pineneedle Wattle

Use pineneedle berms to stop debris.


Planting Roots

Plants are natural defense against slides.